• leading Photography & Video Production Company based in Dubai since 2002
• founded by the German Photographer Martin Pfeiffer who is in the business for more than 18x years
• serving MENA, Asia and Europe with a wide range of professional and creative production services
• succeeded on multiple annual contracts with top level international clients and local governments
• extensive mobile, studio lighting, location equipment set-ups and top of the line cameras
• high end workflow and retouching operations
• highly flexible team, expertise and commitment to deliver best possible quality, creativity within tight deadlines
• constant effort is to improve the level of our services achieving best value and great experience for our clients

Martin Pfeiffer
Managing Director, Professional Photographer
Maybe not the typical German, he is always after the HERO shot and keen enhancing our teams work creatively. Martin was born and raised in Germany and is widely known as Photography Martin Pfeiffer with more than 18x years of professional experience. He is based in Dubai for more than 13x years, founded THE-COOL-BOX Studio, serving MENA, Asia and Europe with a wide range of professional and creative production services for photography and motion.

Mayette D. Tero
Operations in Charge
Supervises both Operations and Production. She strictly makes sure that every department executes the job smoothly to meet client expectations. Mayette is the decision maker when MD is unavailable.

Jemaimah C. Masangya
She’s the voice of the company and assisting all departments with her all-out support.

Vishnu R. Nair
Photographer, Cameraman
Highly motivated, polite, humble and kind fellow with very promising future and expected to drive to new heights.

Raymond Labios Martin
Photographer, Cameraman & Editor
Very creative and has his own signature when it comes to creating video clips. He is someone who is expert both in Stills and Motion.

Raymond Ramos
Photographer & Cameraman
Started off as our Junior Photographer however excelled rapidly to a senior position due to his consistency, dedication and hard work. His presence onsite or office always adds amusement to the crew.

Reagan Manalese
Photographer & Cameraman & Editor
had been a friend to the team prior decided to move and be an official member of TCB Studio. He is hardworking, creative and specialized in filming, documenting events and video editing on the spot or post event. Reagan is eager to enhance his capacity in photography and photo editing.

Arlene Daria Gastador
Photo Editor & Photographer
Is experienced photographer and expert Photo editor with a positive and confident personality that inspires and challenge the team. Responsible for selecting, editing, and retouching services that commit to quality, consistency & swift delivery.