Berkeley Assets – Iftar

Berkeley Assets© is a multi-asset company owned by British Nationals with a strong, diversified portfolio of investments across the real estate, hospitality, logistics and technologies sectors.

For over 12 years, our founding partners and directors have been utilising personal and institutional capital to invest in and manage this innovative portfolio of projects and business, to deliver strong, sustainable yields. During this time the team has secured multi-million pound development finance deals, secured against physical assets predominantly in the UK and USA markets. In 2016, the Berkeley Assets conglomerate was established to consolidate this wealth of experience and expertise, together with these diversified assets.

Today we operate over 150 businesses across multiple industries and our portfolio continues to grow, helping property developments, hospitality concepts and nascent businesses to thrive alongside capital investors’ finances. Berkeley Assets is an offshore private equity firm with headquarters based in British Virgin Islands, London and Dubai.