Creative Zone Testimonials

Business Set up Dubai
Over the past 3 years CREATIVE ZONE has set up just over 2,000 companies in the UAE. Through our consultative approach and clearly understanding what businesses our clients are looking to do, we have found a number of unique ‘pointers’ to share with you, about setting up a business in Dubai. With the UAE being an emerging market, everyday we see gaps that need filling. In more matured, older and heavily populated countries like the UK, India, USA, Australia etc. competition is strong. Generally speaking we have seen and believe that most new ideas have a higher percentage of success. In most competitive markets, 1 out of 4-6 new company setups survive. What we at CREATIVE ZONE are finding is up to 3 in 4 companies are renewing their trade licenses yearly – giving a 71% success rate. Although we cannot guarantee your success, the facts speak for themselves and we believe that Dubai is a promising place and better than most, to set up your business.